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Modified F-25C in 2015 Round Island Race

Mark Hughes did this years Round The Island Race in his modified F-25C with F-85SR floats, and did very well. Mark reports:

This is Lil'Annie F25c sail no 39, upgraded with F85SR floats. Out of 1586 boats, she came 21st fastest on time. The new floats made a massive difference along with a new BANKS 64m2 masthead kite. With the extra volume of the floats, this boat can really be pushed hard off the wind.

Two weeks later on 18th of July, we entered the Isle of Wright double, and we came 1st  line honours and 1st in class. To my surprise, we blistered pass J-133 and class 40 Monohull to windward with ease, and of course, as soon as we eased the sheet, we just disappeared.

Mark Hughes

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