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A Refurbished F-25C In San Francisco

Mark Zimmer has finished a complete refurbish of his F-25C and writes:

Hi Ian,

I'm finally coming to the end of the refit of my F-25c after breaking her carbon mast ~18 months ago.  I thought you'd appreciate her new look.  It's amazing how much the shape of the windows can affect the visual impact of a boat.  I wanted to give it a more modern look to compliment the new sail plan and hull graphics, but at the same time I didn't want them to be too modern because it's a 17 year old boat.

I only had the boat for a year before I broke the mast.  It was a move up from my Hobie 20, and I wanted something bigger for SF Bay without giving up performance.  I remember when the F-25 was being developed, and it has been a boat I could only dream about due to its price tag at the time.  I figured it had to be a good boat since Randy Smyth has had one for so long.  It wasn't until a fellow Hobie sailor took me out on his new Corsair 750 Sprint that I started thinking about it again.  I looked on the internet and found a few 25's listed for less than $50K so I bought one.  It turned out to be a bit of a project boat, and I learned all about repairing old balsa core.  Once I got her on the water in a nice SF Bay blow, I fell in love.  What a perfect boat for the Bay!  

When I broke my mast,  I could've just walked away with a year of fun sailing under my belt, but I loved sailing the boat so much that I decided to put all the money back into the boat....and it was worth it.

Thank you very much for designing such a great boat.  Also, thanks for supporting me and all the other owners as issues arise.

Best regards,
F-25c #20

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