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Another F-22 Launched in Canada

Gary Longard has now launched his F-22 in Nova Scotia, and writes:

Hi Ian

I launched AquaKnot a few weeks ago on Mahone Bay and have been out for many test sails. The boat sails beautifully, and I finally have a picture of us sailing. Not much wind but a nice evening for a sail. Still a few things to finish up but we are in the best of our sailing season so we are going to get those things done as time permits.

Building has been a very enjoyable process and I must say the plans were excellent. Everything fitted together just as planned with no major surprises. I have included an earlier picture of where I built most of the boat. It was a lovely place to work in. It is boat shop on the water where boats have been built for over one hundred years. The boat next to mine is a 12 footer being built by the 91 year old owner of the building.

Thanks so much for your help along the way. You were always very quick to answer my questions with clear directions and pictures.

Cheers Gary Longard

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