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F-9R Launched In Australia

Well not quite the launching planned by builer/owner Gary Wood, and it got even worse:

Gary writes:

Hi Ian,

Finally finished my F9R , enjoyed every part of the building process, and she has been finished for a few months now.

Had an early launching, 2011 Brisbane floods, but she was floating nice and high. Not fun times, the floats were left in the shed under the roof as I never believed the tide would get that high. They forced themselves up against the metal roof trusses and bent them, a nice curve that matched the floats, then they filled with water and when the tide went out, half filled with water they started to pull the shed roof in. I braved Bull sharks and went in to drill holes in the floats to drain the water out, that saved the shed and the floats.

Anyway we got there in the end, and now where she should be, beautiful Moreton Bay:

Nice comparison of angle of heel between multi and mono.

Thanks for a great boat!


Gary Wood  

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