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F-22 Launched in England

Richard Openshaw has now launched his F-22 in England and writes:

Hi Ian,

Just a line to let you know that have launched my F22 called Cacique a couple of weeks ago and she is now on her mooring off the Swale on the north Kent marshes.

Got a few issues to sort out, the fore sail sheets seem to immediately head for the halyard clutches on the mast foot or foul the boom reefing handle and the Facnor furler seems to struggle to get sail furled in a blow but this can all be sorted. Just sailing with main and foresail at the moment the screacher will have to wait until next season so what are my first impressions :

I can't believe how light the helm is, slight weather helm when close hauled but otherwise direct. Having sailed a tri that I also built  designed by a onetime neighbour of yours on the NW coast that on a Force 4 reach needed both hands and feet braced to hold its lee helm. You cannot appreciate how much this means to me.

She tacks so cleanly in all winds, with no need to back the foresail and even with just the main around she goes. With the other boat and a reefed foresail I could only gybe her round.

Performance: got her on a reach in a Force 5 yesterday on flat water, wow what a blast and no rooster tail and no spray, I couldn't believe it and when the lee float started burying no drama, really impressive. Light airs show good performance, with the mono sailors motoring back we sail right through them and they can't believe it.

Interior room is really good, loads more room and more comfortable than my previous 28ft boat and she looks really good. Have really enjoyed building the boat, your excellent plans have made it relatively easy and I get the feeling that am going to enjoy sailing it just as much.



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