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F-9R Fastest Around Block Island

Dennis Neumann was fastest in the 2011 Off Soundings Club Spring Series Block Island Race and writes:


We had a great spring Off Soundings mainly due to the new Farrier Marine daggerboard rudder that Milagro was sporting. We had line honors in our class both days but corrected out in 4th place after the light air first day (we sailed into quite a hole.)  

On the second day the wind was out of the east up to the high teens and low twenties. Starting on the west side of Block Island we were flying, reaching on the lee side of the island. Then, when turning to weather on the south west corner of the island, the seas grew substantially and remained that way along the south and east side.  We were tossed around quite a lot especially on the south east corner where the waves were shoaling up once throwing Milagro maybe as much as 50 degrees to weather. With the the new deeper high aspect rudder we were able to maintain control with the full main and jib up. With the old rudder we would have most likely have reefed the main.

We corrected out to win the second day and were in a three way tie for the weekend by positions: 4/1; 3/2; and 2/3. Cumulative corrected time broke the tie and put us in first place due to our leg ahead finish the second day, with Jay Spalding, on Blue Moon (F-25C) in second, and Andy Holding on Skedaddle (F-28R) in third.

The new rudder performed flawlessly.  Lars Guck (Guck, Inc.) did a great job on the installation, which cleaned up and lightened the the back of the boat doing away with lots of hardware.  Lars put in spacers in the rudder case and the rudder operates smoothly up and down (which I am able to raise manually.)  The case will probably have to be tightened up in the future when the carpet compresses.  Danny Shapiro (building an F-32 and who was crewing on Skedaddle) at Block Island after the first race, swam up to Milagro in a wetsuit and after some discussion and handing him a 10 mm wrench, adjusted the rudder blade further forward to improve the balance. This helped a great deal on the second day. Milagro's first sail with the new rudder. Quite a shake down cruise!\

As usual, great design! Thank you so much,

Dennis Neumann
F9A/R Milagro

The full story in the Mystic River Press can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/6c7d5pt

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