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F-39 Cruising in The Northwest

Howard and Alice Greenwood have been enjoying cruising their F-39 in the US Northwest and write


We had the opportunity to sail our boat around Vancouver Island this summer.  The boat was very comfortable in the ocean in 2 and some 3 meter seas.  We were really impressed how it handled the wind and waves.  We have finally got some rain, so we are more likely to be inside and do computer things.  

We have lived on the boat even the 2 months since we have been home in Wollochet - always ready to take off for a few days.  For the very first time - the first full week in August -- we sailed the two tris Howard built together in the American San Juans.  There are some great photos of the two tris (F-39 and F-9) rafted together.  What a treat - grandparent's dream since our 2 year old grandson, Kian, and of course his parents Garet and  Leyda  were with us.  Our ten year old grandson, Seth, spent several days with us on the boat and declared that he could imagine living on the boat with us for 2 months - no problem!!  Oh boy!!  

We had our German friends with us from mid June to mid July on the inside of Vancouver Island.  They loved it, of course, having been here for the launch and a short south sound trip and a long trip on the little tri years ago.  This was a luxury trip!!  Our family doctor and his wife spent 3 days with us recently in the south sound.  It is a well-used and well-loved and quite famous boat!  Usually only takes about 20 minutes in a new anchorage before some curious boaters are aboard.

We hope to get some more photos to you soon, but above are a couple special ones.  We are at Sucia, American San Juans, with Garet and Leyda and Kian.  Kian is rowing in the cove with the two tris rafted together in the background.  What a glorious 6 days we had together there. Now every time Kian gets on the 31 tri, he asks if he is meeting up with Mamie and Zeydeh!  Perfect.  


Howard and Alice

At home, waiting to go

Typical Northwest view - they have it tough up there.

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