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F-22 Sailing in Canada

Jim MacKenzie and Carleen Hone have been sailing their F-22 in Ontario for a while now

and Carleen writes:

Hi Ian

Just a quick note to tell you how much we love our new F-22, 'Raise a Little Hull'.  We've taken her to two regattas now and are extremely pleased with her performance.  She can still move along really well in very light air. 

We are now looking to outfit her with a screacher to start and maybe a spin down the road.  We borrowed a screacher for the last regatta and found it so helpful. We flew it as tightly as we could upwind.  This helped us to match up nicely against some F-27's which had spinnakers and much larger sail area.  I wish we could tell you exactly how we did against those larger tri's but we are still trying to work out ratings.  Lots of data and numbers to be crunched.  Suffice it to say that after a day of looking at our transom, the 27 that we were matched up against most often a couple of weeks ago, popped up her chute as soon as she could to stay ahead.

She is also much more spacious inside than our old Trailertri 720.  From my perspective as the self-appointed "go-to-gal" for the comforts of the boat, the roominess is awesome for a tri of this size.  Now we are working out where the cooking/barbequing should happen but that is all part of the fun.  Keeping the beer cooler forward seems to help in the downwind situations too!

Many people have commented on how lovely the boat is and what fine craftsmanship she displays.  Jim and his dad Doug always immediately credit you with a great design and detailed plans.  I would like to second that and tell you that this father and son team did such a great job building her trying to live up to your (and their) high standards.  Sadly, Doug passed away from cancer just a few months ago and everytime I see a nicely made fitting or the precision of something he made, I am very proud.  He got to sail on her once last year thank goodness.  Now he's with us in spirit on every sail we take.

Happily, we also now have a little competition on Fanshawe Lake...Bill Scott has just launched his F-22 called Kestrel (boomless) and you know what happens when two boats are on the water...!  Well, it will be fun to see the two 22's sailing around. 


Carleen Hone (& Jim MacKenzie)
Raise a Little Hull
F-22 #29
Fanshawe Yacht Club

Jim and Doug MacKenzie

Earlier Launching Report

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