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An All Carbon Custom F-22 in Australia

Ron Hutchins has taken delivery of his all carbon F-22 #82, as built by Melvest Marine. This is a very light boat weighing only 940kg (2068lbs) for boat & trailer, with boat alone being 480kg (1056lbs). Ron writes:

I am very pleased with the standard of build, finish and of course with the design of this tri. It feels roomier than my previous C24 "Down Under". I weighed the trailer (a Belco) and then the trailer and boat combination at a public weighbridge. Bear in mind on board was the installed pulpit, centreboard, rudder and prodder, and a bit of rain from a passing shower. Missing were nets, mast base, main hull and float hatches and of course all the deck fittings, rig, mast sails etc. I was pleasantly surprised with the weights and I wonder is this the lightest Farrier trimaran ever made?

Best Regards,

Ron Hutchins,
Buderim, QLD

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