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The F-9AX ‘e-marineworld Skips’ Wins SOMR

Tim Pepperell's ‘e-marineworld Skips’ (formally Quickskips), a Farrier F9AX, won the ‘e-marineworld 2009, Southern Ocean Multihull Regatta’ (SOMR), which was held on Western Port in Victoria, Australia.

The crew of Tim Pepperell, Robin Reiger, Tony Holt and Gale Perry had a great time while taking out line honours in all four races and winning the prestigious Greyhound trophy. The regatta was held in light and fluky frustrating conditions except for the first reach in the first race.

Tim Pepperell said "the first race was the most exciting of the series when sailing across to Joe's Island, on a tight reach, while holding our mast head kite and sticking it in several times, going from 18 to 0 knots four times before we ran out of water and needed to drop the kite in a hurry".

The four race series was hosted by the Hastings Yacht Club in-conjunction with the Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria. All races were tightly contested with the final handicap in both PHC & OMR results finishing the top 4 boats within 3 minutes of each other. After the wind dropped out again in the last race, SOMR race control had no choice but to shorten course which had all of the fleet motoring back to the club for a pack up, and to get ready for the SOMR presentation dinner. On PHC all 3 place getters were Farrier tri’s, and on OMR two Farriers and one Corsair 31 filled the top spots.

It's called pushing the limit, with a non-standard masthead kite. Do not do this while cruising!

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