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An F-82 Building in Montreal

Scot Snider has been building his F-82 in Montrel and writes:

Hi Ian, I thought I would send a few pictures of my F-82. It works really well taking the hull out of mold with a hoist. I am building the main hull at work in the corner of the hangar. After joining up the two halves, I put the strong back on wheels, cut the aft section off, pushed it over to the hoist and hoisted it out. It went really well and quick. I then took apart the mold on the strong back flipped frame number 5 and 9 around, carpeted them, put them back on the strong back, and put the boat back in the frames. Now I am ready to cloth the second half exterior. Took about 4 hours with two guys.

My dagger board case went very well,  you gave me instructions to do it woodless as the F-32. I actually installed it last with my hulls joined and all bulk heads in place. I just cut the hull about a 1/4 in over size and slid it in.
Thanks for all your help,
Scott Snider
Brossard Quebec Canada

Certainly one of the better workshops for building a boat!

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