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F-82 In Auckland

Eamon McRobbie is building an F-32RX in Auckland, New Zealand, and decided to purchase an F-82 'CUBIC' up for sale here in Christchurch, to keep his hand in while building. The F-82 had been built by Franz Waibl who unfortunately passed away before he could complete, after having done a fabuous job. Franz was a dispensing optician by trade but built everything himself including houses, kayaks etc (which helps explain some of the attention paid to the small fittings & details on the boat).

Eamon was able to drop by the Farrier Marine factory with his new boat for a quick inspection, before leaving for Auckland and writes:

Hi Ian,

It looks like a big boat on the back of a 2.5L car but it towed very comfortably at 80km/h over the poor roads, and 100km/h was also very easy and comfortable on the good roads, although fuel consumption went up to around 16L/100km.

Earlier I was thinking I might need to upgrade my car but after that trip I know that what I have is fine for the boat, although I might look at a suspension upgraded so it does not sag so much but certainly the steering felt perfectly normal and the rear never bottomed out once, even on the big bumps, and there were a lot of those in the north island.

The boat is well within the car's tow rating but I found I had to explain the weight at almost every gas station, most people are just not used to a big looking trailer boat weighing so little. One inquisitive farmer at Waiouru in particular seemed to be very cautious about accepting the weight behind the car.

I launched ‘CUBIC’ last week at Westhaven and all went well. There has been so much strong wind and rain that my best opportunity to launch fell on a Monday & Tuesday so I ended up doing the first launch and sailing trials single handed (everybody else working!!).

Monday was spent fine tuning rigging, mast rotation setup and general checks etc, then on Tuesday I went for a sail. It was still gusting to over 20 knots so I decided to go with Jib only.

The first turn off the wind with the jib up saw the boat pick up speed so fast the outboard did not know what had hit it - I was steering with my foot whilst getting the outboard turned off and lifted out of the water.

It certainly moves through the water very easily and is extremely responsive; I had a very pleasant few hours sailing around the harbour. I have a few more things to do with the main sail & wing mast setup but can’t wait to get all sails up.

I am trying to get everything set up in such a way that (if needed) I can do everything single handed easily, and within a certain time frame. I found the folding system to be the easiest & fastest part of the launch, no problems at all.

This is another very light boat

Retrieving the boat single handed was also easy, especially with my vertical/padded roller guides either side of the trailer – very light and easy to manage. Mast raising and lowering I also did single handed and is easy, still a bit slow for now but I am timing each segment to see where I can make it more efficient from ‘carpark to sails up’.

I now have the first two float halves done on my F-32RX and will be selling CUBIC when I get closer to the F32 final fitout stage (I am guessing around 2 years) so if anybody in Auckland wants to see this F-82R that will eventually be for sale, and an F-32RX under construction then I would be more than happy to show the boats.

Thanks and regards,


Eamon's first F-32 float taking shape

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