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F-44SCs Making Good Progress


Allen Smith is progressing very well with building his F-44SC in Oregon, and writes:

To all,

If anyone would like information or a "builders eye view" of the new F-44 Super Cruiser Cat you are all welcome to inquire. I can say that thanks to the outstanding plans provided in the licensing of Sail #1 of the SC from Ian Farrier, my experiences thus far have been fantastic. As a single handed builder, I would like to encourage anyone who enjoys good shop time and has a desire for owning a catamaran which may well run circles around any production boat on the water, to consider this build.  

The philosophy and practical design detail included in the description of the new F-44SC immediately struck me as being pivotal in the industry. Building light and strong using techniques more commonly used in the composite aviation industry will no doubt make this boat rock solid, safe, comfortable and fast. When she hits the water late 2011, the performance cruising catamaran world is about to be surprised.  


Allen Smith
Hood River, OR


Danilo Sini-Scarpato is also making good progress with his F-44SC in Brazil, and it looks like it may be a close finish between these two boats to be the first in the water.

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