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First F-39 Launched in Canada

Gary Gelbfish's F-39 leaving the Precourt Systems factory (the builder) in Quebec, Canada,
and on the way to launching

The F-39 has been designed for marina docking, and as such the floats are angled up higher
than normal, so anti-fouling does not need to extend very far up the floats. However, a 'dock lift'
is still probably the best idea if to be left folded in the water for any extended time

Unfolded and raising the mast - probably safest to use a crane on this size mast. A raising
system is possible, but it would be at a higher risk, and the F-39 is not really intended
for frequent trailering

Being launched

Afloat and motoring

At the dock

Owner Gary Gelbfish reported his first sail in detail on the f-boat forum, and here is a brief summary:

I took out my soon-to-own F-39 for a spin last week and just wanted to
report on its performance. I am moving up from an F-31 aft cockpit.

My intent is to have a boat that permits cruising in real comfort while
not giving up the fun part of the F-boating. My conclusion after sea
trials is that the F-39 satisfies both goals.

This is the first F-39 in the water. It was meticulously built by Erik
Precourt. There are several others being built by Erik and others.
We went out for two days. Winds on the first day were 20, gusting to 30.
The second day was much calmer. The boat handled like an F-31, doing 360's
with ease, hove to, balanced tiller, tight turns, sailing under main, etc.

As compared to a stock F-31 it has more power and momentum. As would be
expected, it is drier and smoother on the water. The floats are oversized with
high beams. We did 19 knots with full main and jib but without any strain.

I will sail in earnest next season (New York area) and report back
again. In the meantime if someone is interested in an aft-cockpit 2002 F-31,
well outfitted for cruising with lots of extras please contact me

Gary Gelbfish
Brooklyn, NY

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