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F-32s At The Races

Bob Critchley's F-32 TRINKET

Bob writes:

I finally got a photo of Trinket under sail, taken by time keeper in race at Mackay, taking line honours of course.  

I am very impressed with sailing ability, especially that it performs well in both light and heavy air, unlike my previous cat that only performed well in heavy air. Also, compared to the cat, there is a  lack of hobby horsing, and a lack of tendency to nose dive.  We sat on a shy reach at between 13 and 17 knot last weekend for about 15 miles, and I felt very secure.  


Bob Critchley

Andrew Dolloway's F-32 LADYBIRD

Builder Don Law writes:

Greetings from South Africa.

 Andrew Dollaways F-32 has just won line honours in Feb in the Round the Island race on Vaal Dam +- 5oo  boats competing.
Great boats!

Don Law
Troy Boats  
Durban, S Africa.

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