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More News From Korean Built F-32

Ja Whan Jung launched his F-32AX in South Korea late last year, and writes:

Now I can report my F-32AX sailing results to you. Currently my recorded top speed is 20.5 knots (three times), recorded by garmin handheld GPS. First time:

-   true wind speed : 12m/s (24 knots)
-  maxium speed : 20.5 knots (recorded with surfing about 5 minutes)
-  I sailed over 18 knots about 1 hour
-      full main and jib
-      wave : 3 – 5 feet
-      cockpit is drier than my expectation. 
-      rudder stalled once, and I could recover rudder control immediately when moved rudder to the center position. So I am now interested in new high aspect ratio rudder.

Because of a shipping problem, main sail batten is too soft. so camber of upper main sail is not good.
If I can fix this problem, I can record a higher max speed.
I don’t have a video of when I recorded over 20 knots (because I didn’t have the camara), But here are a two movie files of when I sailed at other times.

best regards,


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