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F-32 In South Africa

Andrew Dolloway has now been sailing his F-32 for a year or so in South Africa, and writes:

Hi Ian,

We have sailed and raced on a number of dams around the country, plenty of sailing in Durban harbour, and offshore - up and down the coast. One evening we went for a sunset motor on the dam with 20 people on board... the boat was great. We have been offshore in 40 knots, reefed, 2-3 m waves, and the boat handled well on all points of sail. We were extremely confident with the boat. Another day we hit 27.5 knots in the harbour on flat water with genoa and one reef in the main.... We are now looking for 30k!

With towing the boat around the country on flat freeways we can comfortably tow at 120kmh, but we stick to about 100kmh. (2.8 litre turbo charged diesel truck). The ideal number of crew to race with is four people. One helmsman, two in the cockpit/rail, and one bowman.

Staying on the boat is a pleasure for 3 people, we reverse up the beach, throw the anchor out the back with a bridle to each float and on to the winches. If the weather gets up in the night we keep the nose pointed into the waves by simply taking up on either winch. (Don't even need to leave the cabin.) The boat does not bang on the beach, but seems to rock backwards and forwards. In the morning it is surprisingly easy to push the boat back into the water.

We have just returned from the Round the Island Race, which we won last year. This year the wind was lighter, again about 500 boats on the start line. We finished second, an Inter 20 cat beat us by 20/25 mins, his time was about 1 hour 40 mins! Some Dragonfly's were still finishing by the time we had packed up. At the moment back in Durban, I am busy servicing the sails, mast, fittings etc, and will be on the water again in about 2 weeks.

Enjoying the boat immensely, no shortage of crew.



Room for everyone!

Round The Island Race Trophy