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F-32RX Now Sailing in Germany

Jan-Peter Jürgensen has now launched his F-32RX in Germany, and writes:

Hi Ian,

Finally our F-32 was launched in July in Meldorf near Hamburg/Germany and we have made our first trips. Awesome!

Sailing with her is a great fun! On our 2nd tour we made already 18 knots. We got already a lot of attention and admiration for the beauty along the German coast. The hulls are made by Lata Yachts exactly to your plan and our requirements in best workmanship. We are very happy with the boat.

We are also very happy with our decision for the centerboard version. While sailing with high speed in our tidal home sailing area we avoid touching the sandy ground, but sometimes it happens and there is  no danger for boat and crew, board swings up without any damage. Also the usability of the cabin increased significant as there is no big daggerboard case in the cabin. So we have a large cabin table for 5-7 people. In the cabin entry area we made some changes to your interior plan. It's the 'wet area', at port side a wet locker, starboard the galley, both a little more back from the middle. So entrance area is wider and two people can pass there easily.

From buying the F-32 plans to launching the boat it took around 12 months, and when ever we had a question to the designer we got the answer from you immediately. Thank you for the great plans and your help during the building process!!



Centerboard interior is more open and allows a much longer central table

A kick back centerboard can be a better choice for cruisers sailing frequently in shallow waters, as a grounding will simply kick the board back, rather than bringing boat to a complete abrupt stop as can happen with a fixed daggerboard version. In such instances there is a greater risk of damage to the daggerboard or case, plus there is always a risk of throwing the crew overboard with sudden stops.

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