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F-9/F-31 and F-33 Comparison

A good overhead shot taken of Del Jacob's F-33 and Larry Dallen's F-9/F-31, which shows how much bigger the F-33 actually is, even though only 2' longer!

Larry writes:

Gidday Ian,

Attached is a picture taken from the top of the mast on Del Jacob's F-33 Shadowfax . The F9A rafted to her is 'Wings' that I bought from Del a few years ago.

What is unique about this picture is that these two boats are the first of their kind in North America. Wings was one of the first F-9As built in the USA and Shadowfax is the 1st F-33 to sail in the USA, although she was built in Australia.

I have been meaning to send this picture to you ever since it was taken in front of Del's home on Port Ludlow WA several summers ago. My son Marc was sent up the mast to fix Del's windex and took the picture. The folks on the nets are fore to aft: Del Jacobs, Katy (my wife), me and my brother-in-law -Rob.

Larry Dallen

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