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F-24 - F22 Rudder Comparison

Ed Sinovsky has sent this comparison photo of his old F-24 rudder next to his new F-22 rudder, and writes:

Hi Ian

Rudder and all arrived in fine shape, only taking 3 days. Your engineering and execution is like beautiful art to me.

The whole thing lined up beautifully, and if I had slightly longer bolts and some sealant ready could have switched in 15 minutes. Profile is so thin, I think the boat will really like that.

Ed Sinofsky Ph.D. 

The F-22 rudder will suit the F-24 very well, being lighter, with a superior section, and less drag. It can also replace the alloy rudder on the Corsair Sprint, which has had a number of problems. But note that the stiffer all carbon F-22R rudder blade should be used in this case, as the Sprint does seem to load the rudder up more, and ventilation may occur earlier than it should. This could be rectified by moving the Sprint mast forward to improve the balance, but this would also be against class rules. Another solution is to keep the Sprint crew well aft which will move CLR aft, and help keep the stern down.

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