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The F-22R in Australia's Bay to Bay Race

Photo by Julie Geldard of Jules Marine Art, www.JulesMarineArt.com

The busy start of this year's Bay to Bay race in Australia, F-22R at left

Lloyd, Jabin and Amanda Crisp took their F-22R 'Stick Shift' to the Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay Race in May, and notched up another good performance by the F-22R.

Fellow competitor and F-27 owner/skipper Peter Hackett reported:

We just sailed the Bay to Bay race on the long weekend along the inside of Fraser Island and have collected more data on the Sprint and F-22 compared to our usual benchmarks. This is particularly interesting to me as the handicapper of many years, and the previous owner of a highly optimized F-24 Mk III and now a slightly optimized F-27.

The first day of the race was light downwind and the fleet remained clumped with most F-24s, Sprints, and the F-22 very close with nothing interesting to report, apart from the fact that I think my F-27 goes better in light conditions with the bowsprit tweaked aft.

Photo by Julie Geldard

Photo by Bob Norson, www.thecoastalpassage.com

On the second day, the wind strengthened to 10-20 knots from behind, and when we opened out into more exposed water, the F-22 hit the turbo, even beating a Grainger MTB 920 which has won Brisbane to Gladstone previously. The F-22 beat a newly owned F-33 with a small kite by 3 minutes, one of our previous national champs on an F-24 with huge masthead kite and no interior paint or fittings by more than 4 minutes, the current national champion Sprint sailing two-up by 5 minutes, and my F-27 and the other Sprint and F-24's further back.

Starting to wind up, with the F-22R at left, Grainger MTB920 just to its
right (tall rig), and the F-33 at far right

Photo by Bob Norson

The gap now starting to open up
Photo by Julie Geldard

Photo by Julie Geldard

The F-22 crew are all new to multihulls, so they will only improve. Results are available at http://www.herveybaysailingclub.org.au/

Peter Hackett
IntrIIgue F27 #33
(I am certain we slept more comfortably than the others)

The F-33 crew, and having a good time.
Photo by Bob Norson

Overall, the Crisp family crewed F-22R finished 5th over the line, beaten only by four larger, and more race orientated boats, the smallest being 26% larger, with 80% more sail area!

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