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F-22 Building In Auckland

Neil Wilkinson and his F-22 which is being built in Auckland. Neil and I go back a long way, having
attended school together, plus competing in car rallies, and some circuit racing.
Neil also looked after my original 30' tri in Auckland after I had sailed for Tonga in a 38' keelboat
- the voyage that finally decided me that multihull sailing was a whole lot more comfortable, not
to mention faster! Neil is currently the keel engineer with Team New Zealand (America's
Cup team) but has been a multihull enthusiast for a long time having also built his own cruising cat.

The big advantage of the Farrier vertical foam stripping build system - much of the interior and all structural
bulkheads are already in place when the hull half is removed from Form Frames. No need to try and figure
out where they go later, plus the hull is relatively rigid, and not a floppy monster that needs very careful

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