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F-27 Wins Australian Trailerable Nationals

Congratulations are due to Peter Hackett who won the key Division 2 (cruising trailerables) of the Australian Nationals in his F-27, hull number 33 (which Peter had imported from the USA).

Photo by Julie Geldard www.vidpicpro.com/

Peter reports:

This was a great series, thanks to great weather and the work of a huge local team under the control of Daryl Dorsett. Boats and crew came from every state, which is a great indicator of the health of trailable multihull racing in this country.

First days 15-25 SE and with the new diamonds we could hold onto the big jib (600 shorter in the foot than original genoa plan) just, which powered us big time. Then wind went shifty and light with windwards into the strong tides and I was back in my Sabot and very happy. A near perfect start in all but last heat (which I didn't even have to sail to win) set us up nicely and GM sails did the rest. Our only glitch was letting the kite hit the water just as we reached a maximum of 20.7 and a rip let the water pressure out. I had my kite making machine and matching silicon cloth in the car so it was repaired and flying by next race.  The F-27 design is gorgeous in light stuff with a fixed rig to be able to change gears, let the backstays off in doldrums to put a huge belly in the sail and she flew.

The surprise in this series was the number of legs we had to attack into strong current and shallowing water. The locals were pretty popular each night with foreigners asking where the hell you need to tack to get out of that damn tide! The passage race around Woody Island to Duck Island was no exception, and that race gave us all something to talk about. On the social scene we had a superb complementary welcome dinner, and many giveaways at the post-mortems held in the Sportsmen’s Bar (complete with Jules photos and video) after each race.

Peter's boat was built during my watch at Corsair (even has my signature inside one float) and it was good to see the F-27 still being so competitive after 21 years (the oldest boat in the fleet). Second was Phil Day in his Sprint 750, and third Gary Scott's F-24 Coco Loco.

Photo by Julie Geldard of Jules Marine Art, www.JulesMarineArt.com

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